I promised a beauty series, so I thought I would kick it off by talking about my cleansing routine. My freckles really don’t like to share the space, so here’s what I use to keep my complexion clear.


            \Natural & Curly by Kasia Pilewicz\

I’m a low maintenance girl, so from cleansing to makeup, I like to K.I.S.S. ;)

1. Cleanse - Morning/Night

Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Clenser

         \Aveeno\ \Clear Complexion\ \Foaming Cleanser\

What I do: Pump 3-4 pumps of foam, massage into my face and décolletage with gentle circular motions. Don’t forget the back of the neck!

Why I like it: The foam is really what gets me because something about it feels luxurious and fun. I love that Aveeno is based on oatmeal (soothing and great for the skin) and it’s one of the few facial cleansers I can use that won’t break me out and keeps me blemish free!

Where to get it: Any drug/grocery store or online @ Aveeno

**CC Cleanse Tip: Problem skin is sensitive skin. Choose something mild and use gentle, light circular motions when washing and exfoliating. Never scrub, always rinse 2-3 times and pat dry.

2. Tone - Morning/Night

                           Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner

                                          \Neutrogena\ \Alcohol-Free Toner\

What I do: Soak a cotton pad and squeeze out most, but not all, excess. Rub gently over my face and décolletage leaving a light layer of liquid behind. Let dry 5-10 seconds before moving onto step 3.

Why I like it: Gentle is the name of the game, and toners are notoriously harsh due to their alcohol content. Some people feel like the sting lets them know it’s working, but it also lets you know that you’re being harsh on your skin! I love this because Neutrogena is a tried and true brand (the first “cleanser” my mom gave me at 13 was an old fashioned bar of Neutrogena glycerin soap!) and because it gets the job done, no stinging required. 

Where to get it: Any drug/grocery store or at online @ Neutrogena

3a. Prevent - Morning 

Dr. Murad's Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel

 \Dr. Murad\ \Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel\

What I do: Squirt 1.5-2 pumps and smooth over my face from nose to chin and neck. I use 1 pump for my forehead area. Smooth over skin as gently as possible. I use this no more than once per day, and sometimes skip days if my skin is feeling dry or tight. 

Why I like it: I actually have mixed feelings about Dr. Murad. Before I found my way to my fantastic dermatologist, I was using their full line of prevention products, and suffering terribly. I’ve come to realize Dr. Murad’s is too strong for sensitive skin, which is true for many products targeted at breakout-prone skin (see my comments on Clean and Clear below). Coupled with the idea that you somehow should scour the blemishes from your face, people make the mistake of using too much, too often. I only started liking Dr. Murad (and finding it effective) when I used very little, no more than once per day.

Where to get it: Sephora Stores or Online

**CC Prevention Tip1: Err on the side of caution when dealing with sensitive skin, but experiment to find out how much of a product and how often works best for you. The instructions given on the label may not work for you, so don’t be afraid to deviate. Just remember, less is often more!

3b. Prevent - Night

                                Clean & Clear Popped Pimple Relief

Clean & Clear\ \Popped Pimple Relief\

What I do: Apply a dollop to any areas where a blemish has formed (or if I feel like one will form), allow to dry over night. Rinse well in the morning. 

Why I like it: This is the ONLY Clean & Clear product I will use. I find all of their products too harsh, and they cause me to break out. I said it before and I’ll say it again BE GENTLE, especially when using benzoyl peroxide, sodium lauryl sulfate or salicylic acid!I like it because it works well on new pimples, plain and simple. In a day or two, they’re toast!

Where to get it: Any drug/grocery store or online @ Drugstore.com

**CC Prevention Tip2: For real prevention, see a dermatologist. This is my skin mantra, especially if you have insurance. Even if you don’t, all the facials in the world aren’t worth a trip to a quality dermatologist. Normally, I prevent using a prescription product, which is gentle and has a sulfate derivative as the active ingredient. I use Dr. Murad’s to hold me over any time I’m overdue for a visit or RX refill. 

4. Moisturize  - Morning and Night (as necessary)

          Aveeno Positively Ageless Moisturizer with SPF 30

\Aveeno\ \Positively Ageless\ \Youth Perfecting Moisturizer SPF30\

What I do: Apply one good sized pump all over face, neck and lips. When I want extra moisture, I cover my face with a thin layer (so that it looks pale white) and let it soak into my skin. 

Why I like it: It’s a little heavy for summer, but nothing beats a great moisturizer in the winter. It’s not greasy and leaves my skin incredibly soft! 

**CC Moisturizer Tip: You need SPF protection year round. You can apply it separately, but it’s easier if you combine steps. I prefer to combine mine with my moisturizer, but some foundations have SPF as well. And don’t forget to apply to your lips, for moisture AND sun protection! 

Where to get it: Any drug/grocery store or online @ Aveeno

Coming Up on Curvy Conquers:  More Beauty Series! Stay tuned for makeup reviews/recommendations, model interviews and more! 

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