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Happy Monday Curvy Conquerers! We’re still doing our beauty series, but I thought a little outfit love couldn’t hurt. =D

E-window shopping is my favorite forms of retail therapy. I was engaging in this lovely pastime on Gilt when I happened across these Coco Lace Up Booties by model-turned-shoe designer Tabitha Simmons (and what an awesome name). These have ALL of my favorite components to a shoe, with a price tag to match. Since I can’t drop the $385 to get these little ladies (and that’s on sale, original price $945!) I thought I’d try styling an outfit to go with them. 

Now, I’ve never styled an outfit this way before, and can I say it was quite challenging! It’s one thing to go through your closet and pair things based on your whim, feeling, the weather, etc. It’s quite another to browse site after site, trying to create a fun match. I also forced myself to stick to sites that catered to or at least carried plus sizes, because what would be the point if none of my curvy friends could shop there?

About This Look

I paired a striped blazer with a shimmery blue jersey top and black lace skirt to mix patterns and textures (something I am trying my hand at more often these days). I wanted to stay with blue tones, but didn’t want the lace to overpower the rest of the outfit or compete too hard with the striped blazer, so I chose an understated black. I feel like the striped blazer pulls this together because it picks up on the gold undertones of the top and the dark neutrals (note that the stripes are navy, not black) of the shoes and skirt. I think it’s okay to mix black and navy here, and of course the blue on the shoes is very different than the top or blazer. I wanted to stay away from that light indigo tone in the clothes to make sure the shoes stood out against all of our textures!


1. Dorothy Perkins Navy/Stone Strip Ponti Jacket $69

2. Dorothy Perkins Navy Slubby Jersey Knit Tee $35

3. Carmakoma Cotton Lace “Liberty” Skirt Aprox $32 (converted from Danish)

4. Tabitha Simmons Coco Lace Up Booties $385

How would you wear these shoes? And how’d I do with my outfit pairing? (It’s okay if you don’t like it, I’m still learning!)